WinkyLand – Second Life Land Rentals

For info contact Encidious Opus, Cedric Brown, or Noirran Marx in world. Once you pay the rental box contact one of the previously mentioned residents to be invited into the land group for parcel privileges. If you don’t receive an invitation within an hour upon contacting us you get 2 free days of rent.

You must be part of our group to use the land. Upon leasing, you and whoever you wish and as many others as you wish, will be sent  group invites which give permissions to the parcel. You will have all land rights except the land must remain within our group. The only building restrictions is sky boxes must be at least 500 meters above ground.

Parcels are in Adult rated continents unless noted.


Moderate Rated, Snowland, 44×44 meters, 700 prims L$375/week

Two 20x20m parcels in Port of Kama City,both floors. 270 prims L$150/week


Sandy Roadside 32×60 meters 1500 prims L$750/week Rented

Sandy Roadside 44×60 meters 1500 prims L$800/week Rented

General Rated. 545 prims L$300/week Rented

Irregular shaped waterfront

3X protected,  32x32m, 700prims L$375/week Rented

Moderate Rated, Snowland, 44×44 meters, 700 prims L$375/week Rented

Skyplatform Only, 28×48 meters 900 prims L$450/week Rented

General Rated Continent, Bay City. 800 prims L$400/week Rented

Corner parcel adjacent to Linden street and canal.

3X protected by Linden canal/road 32×32 meters 700prims L$375/week Rented

Sky Platform Only, 40×60 meters 1200 prims L$600/week Rented

Moderate Rated , Linden Suburbs 20x24m, 174 prims L$100/week Rented

Moderate Rated. 3X protected, 32×32 meters 700 prims L$375/week Rented

Sandy Roadside 32×48 meters 1000 prims L$500/week Rented

Moderate Rated. 800 prims L$450/week Rented

Irregular shaped waterfront

Moderate Rated. SLRR, Linden Ferry Dock and sailable Linden ocean.

1200 prims L$650/week Rented

2X protected by Linden road 32×32 meters 700prims L$375/week Rented

3X protected, unrestricted sunset view, 32x32m, 700prims L$350/week Rented

Moderate Rated. 24×40 meters, Linden Suburbs 350 prims L$200/week Rented

Oceanfront 3X Protected 32x32m, 700prims L$350/week Rented

Moderate Rated, Linden suburbs, 20x24m 174prims L$100/week Rented

Alongside canal, 2x protected 32×32 meters 700prims L$350/week Rented

Oceanfront, 2X Protected, 700 prims L$350/week Rented