SecondLife Land Rentals

Once you pay the rental box join our group for basic parcel permissions. Then contact me (Cedric Brown or Encidious Opus or WinkyLand or well never mind, my other alts don’t come online very often)) so I can remove parcel objects and give you expanded tenant parcel privileges. I am online several times everyday between 3am SLT – 4pm SLT

You must be part of our group to use the land. You will have all land rights except the land must remain within our group. Except as noted in region Brown and Bisque rental box info, the only building restriction is sky boxes must be at least 500 meters above ground.

I have objects like landscaping and buildings on the parcels for decorative purposes. I remove everything when the parcels are rented.

Parcels are in Adult regions unless noted G (General) or M (Moderate)


3X protected waterfront 16×24 meters 300 prims L$150/week G

Wanna get Away? 20×20 Skybox 300prims L$150/week

4X protected, 32×32 meters, country vista, 500 prims L$250/week G

Your ittybitty Place 8x32meters 150 prims L$75/week


3X Protected Roadside 36×40 meters 700 prims L$300/week

Read notecard reference region performance

2X protected 36×40 meters 400 prims L$150/week

Sky platform only, 24×64 meters 400 prims L$150/week

3X protected Oceanfront 16×36 meters389 prims L$200/week

3X protected 28×36 meters 400 prims L$200/week

3X protected Roadside Corner 850 prims L$400/week

2X protected 48×40 meters 700 prims L$350/week

20x40m parcel in Port of Kama City,both floors. 250 prims L$145/week

2X protected riverfront  28×44 500 prims L$250/week M

Riverfront 28×48 meters 550 prims L$275/week M

4X protected 16×20 meters 200 prims L$100/week M

City Street Corner 20×20 meters 250 prims L$125/week M

SLRR, Irregular shaped along the RR, 800 prims L$400/week M

Snowlands, roadside 24x24M, 600prims L$300/week M L$200

Snowlands, roadside 28x28M, 600prims L$300/week M

Snowlands, roadside 28x28M, 600prims L$300/week M

Riverfront 32×32 meters 300 prims L$150/week M

1400 prims L$675/week M

Irregular shaped waterfront

 SLRR, Linden Ferry Dock and sailable Linden ocean. M

1650 prims L$825/week

24×40 meters, Linden Suburbs 350 prims L$200/week  M

Linden suburbs, 20x24m 174prims L$100/week  M

Best Deal and one where the tenant gets to edit the terrain height as they wish

Riverfront 32×60 meters 900 prims L$400/week G

Waterfront 16x20meters plus 250 prims L$125/week G

Oceanfront w1, 32×32 meters 700 prims L$350/week G

Oceanfront W2, 32×32 meters 700 prims L$350/week G

Oceanfront E1, 32×32 meters 700 prims L$350/week G

4X protected, 28×28 meters, country vista, 400 prims L$200/week G

3X protected 32x32m 380 prims L$200/week G

Read Linden building restrictions at site, quiet area with an HOA

Horizons, 2x protected 32×32 meters 700prims L$350/week

Horizons, 3X protected,  32x32m, 700prims L$350/week

Oceanfront, 2X Protected, 700 prims L$350/week

Horizons 2X protected,  32×32 meters 700prims L$350/week

3X protected by Linden canal/road 32×32 meters 700prims L$350/week

Horizons, 3x Protected, 32×32 meters 700prims L$350/week

Horizons, 3x Protected, 32×32 meters 700prims L$350/week

Oceanfront 3X Protected 32x32m, 700prims L$350/week

Desert Roadside 40×40 meters 1500 prims L$L$750/week

Desert Roadside 32×32 meters 1000 prims L$500/week

Sandy Roadside 32×64 meters 1500prims L$750/week

Desert Roadside , 32×32 meter parcel,1000prims, L$500 week

Desert Roadside , 32×32 meter parcel,700prims, L$350 week

Sky Platform only, 28×36 meters 400 prims L$200/week

Desert 28×28 meters 450 prims L$250/week

Skyplatform, 28×28 meters 600 prims L$300/week

Sand, 32×28 meters, 500 prims L$250/week

Desert  28×28 meters 400 prims L$200/week

L$16200  L$64800  Stipend L$4000    L$47000 w/tax/annual fee